Wednesday, January 6, 2010

no sleep for the wicked

the remains of the steroids - i took a couple before i realized which ones they were and the nurse had left the room

which meant i was awake all night and refusing to take ambien because my body is still shaking from the all chemo drugs and the intense battle that dragged on until morning with all the doctors.

now i am so exhausted i can't do anything but still so wired.

have got to get on the phone and get out of this appointment my obnoxious doctor made with the psychiatrist for me. please. i spoke to THREE yesterday. along with 2 social workers. they all said i made sense.

at this point, she should see a psychiatrist to figure out why she feels compelled to bully and use scare tactics with her patients rather than discussing their concerns.

perhaps she is one of those who feels cancer is a punishment from god and this is purgatory. one of the social workers suggested this theory.

my particular cancer is one that tends to affect young girls who probably need some strong arm-ing to continue. she is the authority in new york city on this cancer and is not used to being questioned. a nurse suggested it was frustration and irritation on her part that i did not immediately accept her rules.

but still, she's got two young sons, imagine she uses this type of bullying to keep them in line when they're teenagers. that will backfire for sure.

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  1. the doctor is under pressure to produce -- and you halted that in the blink of an eye by flexing your muscle -- the one in your brain. so she was definitely threatened. so threatened that she couldn't figure out a diplomatic strategy in response to your query. she needs to work on her people skills.