Thursday, January 14, 2010

a missed opportunity

yesterday, i felt so bad that i couldn't even get out of bed, let alone type about it.

a combination of incredible nausea, shooting pains in my nerves, exhaustion and flu-type achyness all over that made me lie in bed sobbing and feeling pathetically sorry for myself.

i could barely make it to the end of the room to watch some tv. and as soon as the movie was over i crawled back into bed.

today, i woke up feeling light years better. still achy but not nauseated or immobilized. walked with sasha to get her braces off. came home and drove her to school. went through the holland tunnel to get gas. came home and wrote my stuff for bulgari.

then my friend mira kamdar dropped in and i unearthed some semblance of intellectual thought from the far reaches of my slumbering brain. and - along with mira - i managed to help rara with homework while having a conversation!

all this may not impress you but since starting chemo, mental multitasking has totally escaped me. along with finishing sentences. or remembering what we were talking about midway through a discussion.

then sasha came home (now frighteningly beautiful and braces-free) and mira's daughter anjali and zarina came home. then zette dropped in.

and all of sudden, the day was over and i was trying to get rara to bed.

more tomorrow. on the industry of alternative cancer care. it is just scary the number of "cures" that exist. and the great majority involve sinking large sums of money into supplements.

my current question:

anyone know about it?

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