Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The C-Word: Bless You!

I've been busy sending emails to friends about supplements for spring and summer allergies.

What is interesting is that in my post-cancer diet - no sugar, wheat, dairy, processed foods or alcohol - all my allergies, sinus problems, migraines and rashes disappeared. That said, when one of the amazons has an allergies - I dose them up with supplements and it clears right up.

Here's a combination that seems to work miracles. I'd suggest you take it twice a day.

2000 mg of vitamin c - be sure it's pure l-ascorbic acid because it can give you an upset stomach
2000 iu of vitamin d3 - we use drops of micellized d3
20 mg of zinc
1600 mg of turmeric - we like new chapter turmeric force

and - the most crucial -

600 mg of NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine)


Quercetin and Bromelain - we use NOW FOODS and take one capsule


You can also boil two cups of water with cinnamon bark and fresh ginger. Strain it and drink as tea if you have a sore throat, too. It's equally nice and spicy as an iced version. If you can find Ceylonese or Asian cinnamon, it's so sweet you don't need honey or anything.

Oh - my Philadelphia friend and healer, Michelle Hughes, reminded of another allergy remedy, especially for swollen eyes in the morning. Take a teaspoon of local raw honey in your tea (or sucked off the spoon) in the morning and the evening. You can buy the honey from the farmer's market - just be sure that it is local and comes from as close to your location as possible, as trees and flowers vary. 

In my plant-based medicine classes, they always suggest giving up wheat and dairy when you have allergies as they increase inflammation and histamine levels, but Rara would rather suffer than give up bagels with cream cheese and Zarina needs a big, foamy cappuccino every morning.

So the elimination part is up to you.

Feel better!