Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The C-Word: Meals to Heal or Savor Health

When you have cancer - or another major crisis - every single thing you consume should be supporting your recovery. Since not eating when you are not hungry is natural, and fasting or limiting calories during chemotherapy makes it even more effective - never eat just to gain weight. Your meals should heal.

Talk about Fearless Healing ideas: Susan Bratton, who studied microbiology and finance, started a powerful new business when she watched one of her best friends succumb to cancer treatments. She says, "Food really matters. Doctors are just beginning to learn how important it is."

Susan Bratton serves meals that heal at Savor Health
A year or two ago, I wrote a post called, "What's Left to Eat?" That's what people say when I say I don't eat wheat, dairy, sugar or processed foods (or animal products that come from animals aren't organic and humanely-raised). I am not militant, I do eat a bite or two of someone else's homemade-with-love cooking to get some of their love in my body. I don't ask if the soy sauce has sodium benzoate in it.

At home, I am always testing out new recipes and new ways to make delicious, interesting food that feeds your wellbeing as well as your tastebuds and your need - because, let's face it, pleasure is a real need - for taste and texture.

All very well for me, because I am usually healthy and energetic these days. On the other hand, sometimes, you know you should, but you just can't face another thing. Or the people who are helping you with your meals are overwhelmed or don't know what to give you.

Susan started a food service called Savor Health that prepares and delivers healing meals to people with cancer or other systemic health issues. They have oncological nutritionists onboard who work with you to put together your most healing options.  To me, what was most interesting about Susan was her background. Unlike a lot of people in the wellness world, she comes from a background of science and finance. She was drawn to the hard facts that are often ignored. "I wanted to bridge the two worlds, the one of medicine and the one of alternative or natural healing. So I found well-designed studies that supported what I learned and could be trusted by the medical community."
Basically, she took things that practitioners of natural medicine have known for thousands of years and found ways to help oncologists, cardiologists, health insurance companies and even corporations understand how they work.

Even if you're not sick, eating well makes your skin glow and eyes sparkle, gives you more energy and actually makes you happier - so much better than a jar of expensive face cream.

So, much as I adore Moon Juice and Amanda Chantal Bacon (I really love her energy and her desire to help), this is a practical approach that you can start using immediately, especially in New York City. You can also stop stressing out your friends who are trying to figure out what to feed you!

Check it out and tell me what you think in the comments!