Friday, January 29, 2010

don't be afraid of cancer

as a ten year-old would tell you, there's no time to worry about dying. there's too much to laugh about. claire and rara have been joking in spanish, french, english and japanese.

and cancer? only when it gets in the way of you having fun.

i was just talking to my friend penney leyshon about my incredible experience with dr. gaynor today and she said, "ameena, you should write about not being afraid of cancer."

first of all, i should tell you that penney leyshon is an incredible psychic healer. and she's been travelling alongside me through this complicated healing trip.

but what was incredible about dr gaynor was how he read me. he spoke to me like a psychic, reaching places in my past and my soul that i didn't know anyone knew existed.

sort of like that song, "killing me softly..." except he wasn't killing me.

got to get the ten year-olds to "when in rome" - hope it's appropriate. more on gaynor to come.

it's not a very good website, however. look for his books on

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