Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The C-Word: Anti-Cancer Supplement #1

One of the supplements I always recommend to anyone I know who has cancer is polyMVA. It's both effective along with chemotherapy and radiation or on its own. I also use it as an immune system boost any time I feel anything coming on. In my case, I started taking it while I was getting chemo, along with CoQ10. I noticed that, despite being around young kids and spending lots of time in public places, I didn't catch so much as a cold. On the one day when I started to get a bit sniffly, I took an extra dose of the polyMVA (normally, I took two teaspoons in a glass of water, three or four times a day) then two hours' later, a big dose of vitamin c and the next day it was gone. I was also incredibly resilient, I was able to take pilates during chemo and start swimming laps again within two weeks of stopping.

PolyMVA is a dark liquid combination of palladium and lipoic acid (the poly) along with minerals, vitamins and amino acids (MVA). To me, it tastes - probably because of all the b-vitamins - like marmite without any salt. Bad, but not gag-worthy. Clearly, the clever name was not created by a copywriter. That said, while it hasn't been subject to an FDA review (and honestly, I am not always impressed by what they do pass), there are scores of survivors who rave about the product and share stories online and in podcasts. A man called Walter Davis actually has created a regular PolyMVA radio show in which he invites people to give testimonials.

I was lucky enough to interview Gary Matson, a retired pastor, who now runs the doctors' programs with the company. He had actually been a bereavement counselor when his 62 year-old wife was diagnosed with stage-4 brain cancer. His son was a doctor in Southern California and got them the best allopathic medical care. They'd followed every traditional protocol and, finally, were told she had two weeks to live. In the hospice, someone mentioned PolyMVA and he started giving it to his wife. Within three months, an MRI showed that all of her tumors had stopped growing. Within five months, all of her previous tumors were gone. Unfortunately, she did die of a seizure in the 6th month - but that's a longer story.

So PolyMVA was named and invented by a Long Island dentist called Merrill Garnett, DDS, who was diagnosed with stage-4 brain cancer himself in the early 90s. He had also done some graduate work in biochemistry, so he started researching a nutritional cure that could cross the brain blood barrier at the Stony Brook laboratories and others in Long Island. He eventually came up with a combination of high-level, high-powered anti-oxidants including B1, B2, B12, rhodium, palladium and alpha-lipoic acid that helped the mixture cross into the brain. The combination of ingredients is water and fat-soluble so able to penetrate the cell walls and activate the cell mitochondria, repairing the cancer cells and improving the quality of the surrounding cells.

I'm not a biochemist myself so my explanations are not as clear as some of the infographics. The end result is that the PolyMVA works by "flooding" anerobic cancer cells with oxygen, thus "electrocuting" them, while strengthening the normal cells to keep them from mutating into cancer.

According to Gary, the transformation of the cancer takes time - normally, it takes about 4 months on what is called the "loading doses." In natural medicine, this usually means a larger beginning dose that sets the healing process in motion. A loading dose can be 6 to 8 teaspoons a day which is what I was taking - or 1 tsp for every 10 to 15 pounds of body weight. While it doesn't usually have an instant effect on one's sonograms, within a week or two of this dose, almost every cancer patient has a marked increase in energy and appetite and color back in their cheeks.

In about 4 months though, most people's tumors begin stabilizing and even shrinking.

The main disadvantage is the price. It's about $180 for a large bottle - which is even more than it cost when I was taking it. In my case, that meant about $500 a month. Taking coQ10 - and I recommend epic4health as one of the best distributors of the product - increases the bioavailability of the PolyMVA but adds to the cost. Also, in order to make it most effective, it's crucial that you give up sugar and processed foods - which a lot of people find extremely difficult to do - even when faced with death as an alternative. Palladium is an expensive mineral no matter what you use it for, so the product seems unlikely to get cheaper. On the other hand, I was happy to see that Iron Man used a palladium arc to get his power (even though it was poisoning him, too). The last disadvantage is that vitamin C interferes with its delivery, so you need to wait in between doses.

The advantage is that you can call the customer service at Amarc enterprises (the manufacturer) until quite late since they are in California. My personal contact is a woman called Vivien Ariola, and they will give you friendly advice on how to take it and/or modify your diet. Most of them are cancer survivors themselves.

Today, there are a number of doctors who have experimented with or prescribe polyMVA for their patients. Amongst them, the late oncologist, Dr. Rudy Falk and oncologist James Forsythe, who has a 60% remission rate using the PolyMVA, and metabolic cardiologist, Stephen Sinatra, who recommends it simply for oxidative stress.

Personally, I found that my oncologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering was not particularly averse to this supplement, but on the other hand, I was such a squeaky wheel that she may have just hoped I would continue getting treatment.

In your search for alternative or complementary cancer medicines, it's good to know which ones are not scams or weird "healing secrets." These days, I seem to get an email or two a day with the headline: "what your doctors don't want you to know!" or "secret healing from the Bible" or "weird spice CURES cancer."  Basically, they don't really explain what they are - or they are simply overpriced combinations of garlic and turmeric - which you are better off buying from a reputable supplement company.

Since I get zero benefit from this, and I tested it on myself and friends, you can probably trust your intuition here. I'd recommend that everyone who has cancer - especially leukemia and/or brain cancer or, even, heart disease - add PolyMVA to their healing arsenal.

Remember, you will be healed. Keep repeating to yourself - I am healed, I am healthy, I am vibrant, I am cancer-free.