Saturday, January 9, 2010

down time

nora and zette came over today. i had the pleasure of a long chat with girlfriends, a lot (for the moment, anyway) of energy, a chance to take stock of my situation and laugh at the absurdity.

we went out to a late, overpriced lunch at bubby's and the food was suitably greasy and i felt like a normal person again.

sometimes the weight of being unwell and the constant surveillance of people trying to look after me and predict my every move - especially in a tiny apartment that offers zero privacy - can be so overwhelming i can't see my way out of it.

it's true, my life is psycho-crazy and i am a tinderbox for explosive situations.

despite that, i am happy and pretty much comfortable with my lot in life.
(my dreaded chemo and the big argument with my doctor on monday morning is lurking in the back of my head all along. i swear i feel like throwing up just THINKING about chemo)

but i am sure it will all be ok.

now to put on my fuzzy patagonia sweatpants and a big sweatshirt and to turn on flight of the conchords or something.


  1. What a great photo! And you look happy - you look very happy. I miss NY so much sometimes it pains me to see photos of the place. Like a long lost love. I am thinking of you on Monday.

  2. Ameena, missing you so much. Am in Madras right now, and flew down with Norah's cousin's last week to Cochin. At least here it is sunny, unlike Delhi where its freezing and wet and grey! XX Ram