Monday, January 18, 2010

hospital again tomorrow

i am so dreading the chemo tomorrow i've been nauseated all evening.

so tired but i can't sleep, can't read.

my mum's gone back to dc and i miss the help and the support. but i am also enjoying the quiet of one less person in the apartment and the return to a sort of routine.

i am so so tired of being sick. and so sad that my feeling good today will all be over for the next four days. four days of aches, nausea, flu-ish exhaustion, shooting pains in my neck and head and shoulders.

not sure that the cure isn't worse than the cancer.

oh, by the way, my number is 20.1 now. from 38.4 last time.

how much more can i take?

this is obviously a lesson in patience for me.

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