Thursday, December 17, 2009

when mother was away on business

so here's what happened to the amazons while i was in and out of hospital with chemotherapy and blood transfusions:

sasha (16) reacted by getting spacier in school and then throwing a party in the apartment (along with zarina) and telling james that she was at a friend's house.

she's become very slippery about what she's doing and where she's going. especially if it involves homework. she runs hot and cold.

zarina (14) got really angry at me, storming into the hospital room and demanding something to eat, being irritated that i've shaved my head, and not wanting me to make cancer jokes.

she stamps around the house and is generally bad-tempered.

and jahanara (10) reacted by being clingy and weepy and very babyish. she wants to sleep in my bed every night. she doesn't want to go anywhere without me.

my mother said, when she called from india to say she was on her way back, she asked rara what she wanted from india; and rara said, "just pray for my mama to get well."

she couldn't come visit quite as much when i was in hospital because she had a cold, so this is what she sent me.

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