Saturday, December 19, 2009

resting after chemo

exhausted and sick to my stomach from chemo, i had a hospital room full of laughing doctors and nurses at 7am.

"oh my gosh, it's miraculous!"

"you are the healthiest person in here! we've never had anyone go through chemo like this."

not sure which of the millions of things i am doing - but - in less than a month, all my levels are almost back to normal.

in fact, the thing that's making me sick is the chemo.

but i do have a whole list of advice for chemotherapy survival.

first off, diet. give up sugar and animal products as soon as you know you have cancer. you give your liver and kidneys an instant boost so they can work harder on fighting on the disease.

next, if you can, get rid of wheat and soy and reduce grains to a minimum.

the main goal is to make vegetables 80% of your diet. this helps your body cool down as the chemo cooks it.

anyway, am exhausted just now so more tomorrow.

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