Wednesday, December 23, 2009

good day, sunshine!

HURRAY! day 3 after chemo and i feel fine.

despite the frigid temperatures in my parents' house, sun is pouring in the big windows and i'm drinking glasses of fresh green juice along with an artillery of vitamins

and feeling just like myself (except of course when i look in the mirror).

my friend mary schook recommended a supplement called polymva - this is day 6 of their regimen (2 tsps, 3 times a day). i'm not sure which one is working better but, despite not being able to fall asleep last night (too much green tea?), i am wide awake and almost thinking clearly.

according to the doctors and nurses, chemo is meant to get worse and worse as it goes on. but so far, i seem to be tolerating it well.

am i an anomaly or have i convinced myself that i am? (that would be quite like me)

two days till christmas, so like everyone else in the suburbs of washington, dc, i am desperate to get to the mall before my steam wears off.

of course, my teenagers are slothing around in bed. rara is still in her pajamas watching tv and eating all the chocolates from the advent calendar in one fell swoop.

the problem with the post-chemo energy surge is that i am so overexcited i want to do ALL of the things i've not been able to face for days. answer emails, send faxes, return phone calls, go shopping, see movies, pack presents...

if i can get that far, i'd LOVE to see avatar - but sasha said it's a 3-hour movie - so let's see if i can make it.

merry merry merry merry

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