Tuesday, December 22, 2009


all the ads running down my sidebar are about cancer.

chemo side-effects, cancer treatments.

and honestly, the novelty has worn off.

my mum's chinese neighbor came over today and regaled me with stories of friends of hers who all managed to subdue their cancer by drinking a chinese herb that looks like wood chips.

they made it into a tea and drank it all day, "like water."

but of course, as soon as they stopped drinking it, they all died. as she says, "when the cancer comes back, there is nothing anyone can do." she did say it very cheerfully, though.

then my dad tried to convince me to have a hysterectomy, because if all the doctors he knows were telling me to do it, who was i to think otherwise?

and of course, my mum interrupted me watching a really silly movie to listen to hui's stories because she kindly brought over a bag of her woodchips.

(which is not to say that i wouldn't try the tea, either - but i refuse to believe in this impending doom philosophy).

here i am all excited because my doctors are saying that it's miraculous that there's no cancer left - and i am surrounded by people who all want to discuss how i will handle it when the cancer comes back.

(on the flip side - all i want is to eat a big, beefy crock of onion soup with tons of butter and cheese melted on top. that's the fall-out from watching Julie and Julia, i guess.)

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