Wednesday, December 16, 2009

cancer is so boring

i am tired of being sick.

i am SO over it.

bored of cancer and being tired.

bored of chemo every friday and having it ruin my weekend.

fed up of having people want to hold my hand when i cross the street like i am four.

and my mum telling me that she and my brother sat down to talk about how they were going to handle my finances and decide where i am going to live - like i am a 95-year old with dementia.

please, i am not dead yet and my brain - slightly fogged by chemo - is not yet gone.

i have to say that i did enjoy the attention at the beginning. and i was tired of being tough and independent and self-reliant. and everyone saying, well, you don't have to worry about ameena, she'll be fine. she can handle anything.

but just for a little while.

now i am ready to be myself again.

i must be feeling better.

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