Thursday, February 18, 2010

peaks and valleys

i am at a low point. maybe it's all the running around yesterday.

maybe it's penney clearing the toxins out.

whatever, i am so tired today i can barely lift a spoon to my mouth (and i just discovered, while i was out, that i weigh exactly 100 lbs - grr - maybe it's bad scale because i thought i was gaining weight).

had a brief acupuncture treatment at ming qi this morning. and a cup of miso soup and cucumber sushi.

but then i had to come home and lie down for a little while before i could get much done. and i didn't manage to wash any dishes or even make my own bed. it's so frustrating. i'd be really irritated except that i am just too tired. (oh and because penney just makes me take things all in my stride).

fortunately, my brain seems to be clearer than it has been in ages. i can read AND comprehend complex stuff on the first try.

and i can write.

just had a bit of dark chocolate and a cup of green tea to revive myself.

patience, ameena, patience.

still trying to learn that one.

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