Wednesday, February 17, 2010

magical mystery tour

everyone is back on track today. the amazons went to school (after a v small last-minute disaster during which james called to say that he couldn't get his car out and i took them instead, in my pajamas with sweatpants on top).

then i went to see penney leyshon.

she's been my lifesaver in this process - showing up miraculously in the emergency room and making the bleeding stop immediately, appearing at my apartment and making the pain dissipate with a touch of her hands, talking me through bouts of nausea and anxiety so bad they made me cry.

i'm not quite sure how she does what she does, but she does it.

i always tell people about the first time i went to see her. i was totally skeptical. and i felt like i'd handed over a pile of cash for nothing than a pseudo-massage.

then i left her apartment, walked down the dark stairs and opened the door into the radiant april sunshine. i emerged from the darkness and it felt like i was floating. it was as if i had just taken off my ice skates in the winter, my feet were weightless.

i felt calm and soothed of all anger, tension or anxiety.

it was like hours of meditation or a no-side-effects valium, everything made me laugh.

i'm not sure how it works, but it does.

will seeing penney keep the cancer away? no guarantees, but smiling more can only make things better.

penney leyshon

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