Sunday, November 7, 2010

spacey sunday

ok, it's late in the day and i'm in the wrong place. my skincare routine was somewhat interrupted by an incredibly restful day.

the amazons spent the night with james (yes! my first minor-free night in months!) so of course i was out late last night and exhausted all day today. but the wonderful thing about it was being able to go back to bed at about noon and sleeping til 4. despite the construction on the building next door, i slept mostly peacefully.

that said, the amazons all returned at 4pm and leapt on top of me. thrilled to see them but somewhat envious as their bedrooms and kitchen space in james' new house - as viewed on sasha's iphone - look bigger than our entire apartment. 

however, given my strange sleep schedule, I only managed to apply my day products midday. i am just about to go to bed now - i LOVE daylight savings but i miss the mat, i can't sleep properly without it.

i will apply the ampule (refrigerated stem cells) and the gel and night cream and eyecream just now.

darn, doorbell. because our buzzer is separate from all the rest, the delivery guys always ring us and i am always opening the door and telling them to go back outside and ring the right one. thai restaurant guy is actually from nepal and gave me a brochure about visiting katmandu.

will have to ponder the universal message of that.

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