Thursday, November 4, 2010

day 2.5

bad hair day but good skin day. not sure one can really tell the difference because the lighting's all gray and sad and rainy.

went swimming today against my better instincts, nothing like a good dose of chlorine to kill everything. but i asked mary and she said, "you shouldn't have to change your life for a skincare product to work." so i didn't.

but as the duchess of windsor says, you have to choose which side you want to focus on. today, i gave in to my bottom.

my second problem with the skincare regimen - if you have to use it all the time, they should have little mini-vials for travel. i got out of the pool and used my sustainable youth products. then ran an errand. came home at 12 and used the toner, the gel and the emulsion. so the day products won't go into effect until half the day is over.

even rara and sasha seemed to notice the difference. my brother walked in and i asked him how my skin looked. he said, "you look younger than me!" (but he's been well-trained by my mum).

ok back to work - am on deadline.

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