Saturday, November 6, 2010

day 4

here i am yesterday (day 3) - though i only remembered to take the picture in the afternoon when the light was totally different.

so here i am first thing in the morning. see all those wrinkles around my eyes? also, one eye is a little puffy - maybe a slight allergy to the eye cream? i have to be careful not to get it into my eyes. it seems that, for the greatest bang for your buck, the face mask makes all the difference. also, cold damp weather is great for your skin.

here i am this afternoon. post-shower, product and a little make-up (for me, that means some blush and kajal). honestly, i am not seeing a huge difference. also, the battery-operated device no longer turns on by pressing the button. i have to pull the battery door open and then it runs for a little while and eventually turns off. also, on a dry day, the two day products - the gel and the emulsion - seem to dry up very quickly and i find myself wanting more moisturizer.

ok, i will have to wait until i see mary to hear her thoughts because i am not seeing a huge difference.

and actually, it may be day 5 now. wait, i started on tuesday. no it's 4, i guess.

i am withholding judgement just now.

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  1. oh, you look just perfect in the 'afternoon'...