Tuesday, March 9, 2010

thanks a lot

better by the moment, turning back into a creature that resembles a human more than a star trek character. a soft fuzz all over my head and my eyes are getting clearer.

of course, the first hairs that return - seemingly hardier than before - are on my mustache, my legs and those horrid tiny ones BELOW my eyebrows, the ones you have to have waxed away.

my eyebrows themselves look like someone drew them on with a pencil and then erased them badly. they are weird little smudges. and my eyelashes, despite my using neulash assiduously, are thin pale rabbit lashes. you can only see them if you look really really closely in the magnifying mirror.

oh and while i am happily gaining weight, lack of exercise and chemo-induced ping-ponging hormones means i am gaining it in all the wrong places.

it's so unfair.

1 comment:

  1. can you start swimming again? is it safe? At least that will smooth things out. Zette
    p.s. I'm in bed with a sore throat so I'm not coming around until I'm germless