Monday, March 29, 2010

lucky lucky lucky

while i was lying in bed with a needle in my arm feeling the chemo medicine burning into my shoulders and trying to engage the nurse in pleasant conversation, i kept wishing for one thing.

i just wanted my life back.

i must have found a penny heads-up on the floor somewhere because somehow, suddenly, everything is falling back into place.

crazy, mad busy with work; the amazons happy and obedient; toby coming and going happily between our house and eve's, my muscles responding to the exercise; my eyelashes coming in like a fringe of grass. i'm almost pretty.

hoping that next month, for the first time in ages, all the bills will be paid on time and i'll make a bigger dent in my debt.

perhaps it's time to fall in love again...

oh - and it's SPRING.

i am beginning to believe i am quite possibly the luckiest person on the planet. not sure anyone getting an academy award or winning the lottery ever felt better.

thank you, God, LOVE, my family, my friends, the UNIVERSE.

i'm a human so the wants will probably set in again soon enough, but for now, i am truly grateful.


  1. Hi Ameena,
    I'm so happy to read this. May God grant you even more good things.
    your friend from the twitter world,

  2. So good to read this. Love you.