Friday, March 13, 2009

mr roache

so the head of the business office - which really means accounts payable in polite terms and bill collectors in honest ones - is this nasty guy called steven roache who has been bullying and intimidating parents for the last few years.

and in the process, has changed the entire spirit of the school. from one based on respect, peace, kindness and humanity

to one more like the zeitgeist of america 2007 - the end justifying the means in every instance.

mr roache - along with the director of the school, the principal of the junior school and rara's teacher - pulled rara out of class mid-morning, told her to collect her things and sit in the office and wait for her mother.

this was, according to mr. wrye, the director of the school, a way to get the parents' attention.

despite the fact that we had been talking to them all along.

nasty piece of business.

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