Saturday, March 21, 2009


light is streaming in the windows, the apartment is so warm and sunny
and my next door neighbor eve came over and we hung out - i'm drinking tea, she's drinking coffee - and talked about our complex families and in-laws and work situations.

i am continually thinking of plans out of my current financial disaster though realizing that things are not nearly as bad as they could be.

it makes me laugh when i see how my exhusbands and their partners are reacting.

andrew douglas, my first exhusband and a commercial director, is going to shanghai with his new wife.

his answer to our financial straits? 2 giftcards to whole foods for $250.00 each.

not that we're not grateful. food is food and that is a very fancy place with lots of cake to eat.

his wife lenore - who my kids adore - told sasha that history (not her best subject) was more important than math because then she would sound intelligent at dinner parties.

and i'm guessing she was trying to be motivating

but up until now, i've brought my daughters up to believe that it's better to be self-sufficient, and valued for breakthroughs in neurobiology, let's say, rather than ornamental charm at a dinner party.

(btw- how do i know they are going to shanghai? james is cozying up to them, of course...)

they say that in an emergency, you discover what people's priorities really are.

right now, mine is sunshine.

and a big salad. and maybe a trip outside.


  1. Fortunately, when it comes to knowledge and expertise in this world, it seems that pretty much any field can be a path to success. Certainly Bono is not being consulted by the world economic forum because of his encyclopedic knowledge on anything. Then again, comfort with numbers, real or abstract, will definitely reduce the likliehood that someone can use them against you (unscrupulous brokers, agents, or accountatnts)

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  3. take the 250.00 and buy some more bisque and sit in your lovely transparent Eames chair and I would turn on the Guiding Light - it's only an hours worth of self- indulgence and then...