Tuesday, July 13, 2010

just as i suspected

the alliance for natural health uploaded an article about how cancer doctors make money on chemo medicines, often prescribing medicines that are less effective or ineffective.

hello? why am i surprised? when i walked away from the last six weeks of chemo, my doctor told me i'd be dead in 12 weeks.

when i questioned my treatment in the hospital, she sent a battery of psychiatrists to see why i had a "death wish."

and when i suggested that one might heal one's body better with diet and supplements, they said, "those are just fairy stories."

the article talks about that moment in the hospital or the doctor's surgery when you are so frightened that you just do what they tell you. you'll do anything and everything they say - suffer anything they impose on your life and your body - just to make it go away.

so as i drink my kale-blueberry-melon-avocado-coconut-water smoothie to help my body recover and detox from the ravages of chemo, i think that sometimes fairy stories come true.

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  1. Still waiting for the book to come out.....