Thursday, July 15, 2010

eraser head

i've heard all kinds of things about chemo head.

you're spacey, forgetful, self-absorbed.

but i've just started to learn about the foliage on top.

my hair is a coarse, curly mop that seems to be growing up, directly vertically.

since i am still scrawny and hollow-chested, i look like a combination of a q-tip and one of those cartoons of stringy, grouchy old ladies in housecoats and sunglasses.

i talked to a few friends who'd had chemo. one told me her hair eventually went back to normal (or whatever she'd had previously) but i never asked how long "eventually" was. another friend on facebook just posted that hers was still curly FOUR YEARS later.

i am not a patient person.

other friends on fb kindly suggested i try a hairband, hairclips, or other accessories - but rara took one look and said, "mama, take that off. it looks really bad..."

my dad said, "keep putting oil on your hair, every night."

a guy i'd like to impress said, "just let it grow out."

i am seriously considering shaving it again and in the hopes that the new incarnation is something different.

i am open to any and all suggestions and information. especially from anyone else post-chemo or someone who was born with a jew-fro. how long? how high is it likely to get? yes, i know i'm a semite but i liked my indian hair.


  1. don't shave it unless you want to keep your hair closely cropped. you'll have to go through this again if you want to grow it.

    trust your father. oil will help. jojoba is good as is argan. you can try the mop product i mentioned. it's great. believe me, i know EXACTLY what you are going through. my hair was even more of a muslimfro when it was that short. it had to grow up, out and down before it stopped. your hair has to get to a certain length and then that will weight it down. trust.

    btw, you look beautiful! the shine is back in your eyes. so happy to see you doing well...

  2. oh and also, morrocan hair oil is amazing - try that!