Wednesday, April 29, 2009

turning into a pig?

all this hysteria about swine flu.

i LOVED seth godin's blog post about it.

might as well panic. worry about the economy. worry that we are all going to die and go bankrupt.

it's true. there ARE a lot of things to worry about. but panic never helps. and worrying doesn't either.

sometimes i wonder if people like talking about how bad things are so they realize how things are not really that bad for themselves.

or if it's all just a distraction from the REAL stuff to worry about - like am i a kind and responsible human being? am i less selfish - taxing the planet less, helping people more, working for a better world for everyone rather than just a better place for me...

how do we REALLY avoid catching the porcine disease?

i for one am constantly fighting myself to take responsibility for the situations i find myself in. to stop being selfish and seeing things for my point of view and start seeing things the way other people see them.

it is hard.

i am not always successful. as we see.

but that kind of swine flu is so much more insidious, isn't it?

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